Russel Brand - Is Fox News Bias?

I've been watching Russel Brands "The Trews" (great name) pretty much since the first episode was uploaded to YouTube. The show basically involves Russel sharing his opinions on world issues and revealing the truths in the main stream media and news (hence the shows name).

Russel is a conservative's nightmare, he challenges traditional ideology's and offers simple alternatives to replace them. Although at times his left wing opinions can be hit and miss, he usually hits the nail on the head. You could call him a hypocrite, due to the fact his life style contradicts the beliefs he campaigns for, but, we have the technology and enough resources on this planet for every human to live a more convenient and comfortable life, than the majority of those in the western world. Russel is living a much more meager life than the super rich who, lets say, have 5 super cars in a holiday mansion they haven't been too in a year.

Times are definitely changing, the masses are becoming more savvy when it comes to media and what is presented to them in the news. There are those of us that don't ever challenge what they are told, who instead heavily invest them selves into a world of materialism and try their best to conform to society's norms. Then there are those of us who disconsern ourselves with the mainstream and query what they are told with how's and why's.

Biased news (propaganda) like the Fox News segment Russel is pulling apart in the video. doesn't achieve the preferred reading as much as it used too. Thanks mainly to the power and freedom of the internet, we are able to voice our opinions and not feel crazy nor alone. It's because of this, the next big revolution in history will be online, we don't need to riot or oppose authority with violence we have a long way to go but we just need to speak up and it's already begun.

I like Russel he's a funny guy and I side with him on most of his opinions, which makes this post quite ironic I suppose. Although I share these liberal views, it doesn't mean I have to be labeled a hippie or a communist and stop immediately partaking in society as we know it, I still want to have common ground with all my friends and the sense of belonging. I mean we only have one life on this planet and I still want to enjoy it. But just the fact that I publicly acknowledge that all is not right with the current world system is one tiny step forward that we all need to take, for the human species to evolve and progress to be better.

James Carroll.