David Cameron Raps - Cassetteboy (video)

I'm not totally against the Conservatives, they're just playing out their role in the political
spectrum.  I think it's obvious Cameron's not the coolest cat in Britain. It's easy to side with him on many of his view points, but it's difficult to trust him. For a cynical mind like mine, I can't help but think he is elitist, and his intentions don't lie with benefiting people who genuinely need help, but with those that should be giving back to society. In his conference speech he said some wacky things like calling the conservatives a trade union for families, and declaring that elite education will be available for everyone throughout the UK, instead of just for toffs like him. The video above by Cassette Boy is hilarious, by mashing up clips of Cameron's speeches, Cameron appears to be rapping the public's opinion of himself. I'm not voting Labour or Conservative, there are other parties out there, instead I'll be voting Green Party check them out